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Dear parents to be,
A time full of changes is approaching. With the expectation and birth of a child, you are breaking new ground - I am happy to accompany you.
As a specialist with many years of experience in all aspects of pregnancy, birth and development of small children, I can support you and your family.


Barbara Ghisla Schibli

My services

Prior to birth

Childbirth preparation classes

Pregnancy and childbirth are important events in the life of a woman and couple. Birth preparation classes will help you prepare for the time ahead. I will provide you with information about pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

My private antenatal classes take place in your home. Here you will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss any concerns. I will show you various  birth positions and explain to your partner how he/she can support you during the birthing process.

Advice on place of birth

In Switzerland you have the ability to choose where you want to give birth. Places of birth include your home, a birth center or a hospital - but what place is right for you? I have many years of work experience and have accompanied many clients during pregnancy and birth. I am more than happy to help you with this important decision and give you advice.

Counselling during pregnancy

Your body is changing and this can make you feel insecure, especially if you're expecting your first baby. Perhaps you have questions, fears and worries that your obstetrician cannot answer due to time restrictions? I'm here to help you with your concerns.


After birth

Postnatal care

After birth, you will start getting to know your baby and gain more confidence every day. I can support you in this process through regular visits which

encourage the independence of the new parents and I will accompany you sensitively through this special time in your life.

If you wish, I can give you guidance on daily baby care and monitor the weight changes of your newborn baby. I will also advise you sensitively in regard to pelvic floor rehabilitation and any birth injuries.

Breastfeeding consultation

As a qualified midwife with additional training as an IBCLC lactation consultant, I can advise you competently on the subject of breastfeeding, breast milk, weaning and complementary foods.

Together we will find solutions for your concerns. I am available for advice throughout the breastfeeding period until you stop breastfeeding.


Final visit postpartum

The final visit usually takes place 6-8 weeks after birth. It includes a conversation and medical check-up where important topics can be discussed.


Entwicklungspsychologische Beratung  (EPB)

Thanks to my additional training as a specialist in developmental psychology counselling for children aged 0-3 years, I can support you with questions that relate to your life with children.

As a parent you might have concerns because your baby rarely sleeps, or the transition from breastfeeding to complementary feeding is much more challenging that you imagined or you cannot sleep at night the way you want to.

Using video-supported counselling, I can specifically address your questions and we can work together to find answers for your concerns.


Child loss

When a child dies during pregnancy, birth, or shortly after, joy and hope suddenly turn to sadness and pain. As affected parents, you are entitled to midwifery care and can request my support. I accompany you in your grieving process and support the healing of the mother's body. If necessary, I can rely on a wide range of other specialists or counselling centers.

Barbara Ghisla Schibli

CAS EPB, Developmental psychological counseling since 2020
IBCLC lactation consultant since 2009
Midwife since 2002
Nurse specialist for children and adults (IKP) since 1997
I love to recharge my batteries for everyday life by being in nature, while hiking, excercising yoga or meditating. I like to travel other countries and let myself inspire by new experiences. I love to cook and enjoy spending time with family, friends and my dog.
Professional Experience
  • Self-employed midwife since 2005

Self-employed midwife in Zurich (2022-now)

Foundation of the practice "Hebammen Zurich" and work in job sharing, city of Zurich (2015-2021)

Self-employed midwife in Basel (2012-2015)
Self-employed midwife in Zurich (2005-2012)
Permission from the Health Department of the Canton of Zurich to practice as a midwife since 2005
Several years of experience in various Zurich hospitals and in the Dreieck midwifery practice in Zurich

  • Qualified midwife HF, midwifery school Zurich 2002

  • Certified Nursing Specialist IKP (for children and adults), Nursing School Zurich 1997


Member of the Swiss Association of Midwives, including 2006-2010 on the board of the Zurich and surrounding area

Member of the Swiss professional association of breastfeeding and lactation consultants (BSS) 


Further Education
  • Tongue Tie Assessment

  • CAS EBP, Developmental Psychology Counselling (2020), Marie Meierhofer Institut für das Kind (MMI) and PH Thurgau

  • Breastfeeding Consultant IBCLC (2009), Recertification 2019

  • Sleep advice 1001 Kindernacht

  • Continuous further trainings on the subject of childbirth, breastfeeding, postnatal exercises and childbirth preparation

  • Intervision groups with midwives and maternity counsellors

  • Kinesthetic Infant Handling Training

  • Trainer in practice

  • German, Italian (mother tongues)

  • French (fluent)

  • English (fluent)

Ueber mich

additional Information

Area I work


I work in the following districts of the city of Zurich

8002 / 8003 / 8004 / 8005 / 8037 / 8045 / 8047 / 8048 / 8055


Health insurance

health insurance covers

home visits after childbirth

 a final check, 

three breastfeeding consultations.

In addition, a conversation before birth OR

part of a childbirth preparation classe (150.-)





I charge 130.00/hour for all services that are not covered by health insurance



For an inquiry please use the contact form. I will get back to you right away.
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